With The Dogwood You Get Purified And Rejuvenated

The cornelian tree, formerly known as the “magic plant” contains great purifying and anti-aging substances not only in the berries but also in the leaves and bark

It is often found in the countryside and in the old gardens and can be recognized by the fragrant golden flowers similar to small umbrellas, which appear before the leaves and from which ripen bunches of scarlet and fleshy olive-shaped fruits with a pleasant sour taste, very rich in properties healthy and excellent to be eaten ripe or to make tasty preserves. The cornel tree is a beautiful shrub that “loves” to live in company, and for this reason it is rare in nature to see it alone. In Italy it is quite easy to find small groups of dogwood plants in broad-leaved forests, in the hills and low mountains but also in the plains, where the soil is calcareous and well ventilated. Everything is used to make the dogwood, for curative purposes and more: wood, hard, compact and resistant, once worked by expert craftsmen, provides smooth and silky artifacts, while once its twigs were tied together to build brooms.

With dogwood bark contrasts fever and aids the intestine
Dogwood bark, which is found in many herbal medicines, is used to counteract fever and intestinal inflammation, especially if accompanied by episodes of dysentery. To prepare a decoction of cornel bark, just pour 2 grams of dried and chopped bark into a cup of water, then place on the fire and bring to a boil; let it simmer on low heat for 10 minutes, then turn off and let the liquid rest until it cools down. If you drink 3 cups a day until improvement.

The fruits of dogwood, a mine of beneficial substances
Rich in vitamins (in particular vitamin C, present in twice the quantity of citrus fruits), carotenoids, pectins, tannins, mucilage, fructose and organic acids, the red fruits of the cornel have detoxifying and astringent properties. The small fruits of the cornel tree can be tasted naturally or they can be used to prepare fresh juices, jams, sauces or jellies, or they are dried to prepare infusions or refreshing decoctions, to be used also to lengthen juices and centrifuged. To prepare the decoction of cornel berries, simply place 5 grams of dried berries in a cup of boiling water, simmer for 10 minutes, strain and sweeten with acacia or lime honey.

The decoction of leaves and cornel bark eliminates acne and blackheads
With leaves and bark we can prepare a decoction that is excellent for rejuvenating the skin: used as a tonic, it frees the skin from impurities, reduces wrinkles and makes the face more toned and radiant; but it can also be used as a base for clay packs and masks. In 250 ml of water simmer 2 spoonfuls of leaves and cornel bark for 10 minutes on low heat; let the liquid cool, filter it and use it to cleanse the face, neck and décolleté.

Do so your cornel jam
To prepare a delicious cornel jam, use ripe fruits, wash them carefully and, after having drained and dried them, put them in a saucepan; just cover them with water and bring them to a boil until they open. Remove them from the heat and pass them through a medium sieve to separate the pulp from the stones. Once the pits have been removed, return the flattened pulp to the heat, add white wine (sweet or dry), sugar (300 to 500 g per kilo of pulp) and the grated rind of an organic lemon. Continue cooking stirring with a wooden spoon until the jam becomes gelatinous. Pour everything into glass jars from cans, close them and let them boil in a bain-marie for at least half an hour, so as to sterilize them.


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