You Don’t Like Your Job? Here How To Do

Many believe that the cause of their illness is work, but turning it into a fixed nail it makes it an alibi: come out like this

Federica writes:

“I do a job that I do not like, I do not feel it. But the problem is I do not know what I want to do. And I’m okay, I say to myself not to think about it, but then I think of it all the time. What to do when thoughts become obsessions? “
Many think that work is the cause of their evil star. Of course, in some extreme cases, for example when there is mobbing, it is true. But in general it is the approach to be wrong: when we are bad it is never for an external cause, but because we are like a plant that does not make its flower. And it does not depend on the outside but from the relationship with ourselves. Focusing on the causes to correct them will only make us turn empty: the inconveniences have no cause, they have a destiny, a path that drives us to undertake. Besides, if Federica really wanted to change her job, she would already have done so. Instead she stays there. Will perhaps be better off saying, “I do a job I do not like, I have to do something!” And repeating it eighty times a day? No. Will it help you to change? No. The soul does not understand that, it does not understand this language. How can you say to the thoughts, “Do not come anymore”? It’s like telling a man to stay with you if he does not want to be with you. impossible. That’s not the game. The real game is instead doing another thing: to be with you in a different way.

You do not have to understand, you have to perceive
The rose seed makes the rose. And if it does not make the rose is an abortion pink. The worst that can happen. We were born to do something that characterizes us. Federica was born to do Federica. Not another, not any one. And Federica has to do her job. But how do you know what kind of job fits us? You do not have to understand, here’s the point. The rose does not want to understand how her seed is made. Yet her seed is doing the rose. Something is doing Federica. As what? For example, sending menstruation every twenty-eight days. It is a thing of such complexity that one can not imagine: the ancient brain creates Federica every twenty-eight days and reshapes all the feminine. Do we really think we can not find the right job for her?

Do as the acorn
How can decisions be made? Without you! You can become the real obstacle, your laments, your goals, your convictions. “This job is not good because it is not quite prestigious, what do they think of me, maybe that other one is better, but if I’m not up to it? If I fail? I have to strive! And if that is not the right one? ” So you do not leave it anymore. An acorn does not ask for permission to make oak. It does. No one explains how to make honey. Nobody will ever explain to Federica how to do Federica.

In silence, something is being done by Federica. Do it! And she decides what’s functional. From time to time. This is his uniqueness. It’s just that he needs to be close.
Go to your source

There is a Federica that continues unceasingly to be created. But which? That of the core that sends you all the moods, or that harnessed in the doubts acquired from the outside? As long as the second one is in the field, the first one will not be able to enter. What to do then? Simple: are obsessive thoughts coming? I perceive within myself that there are these thoughts and keep them with me. Do not fight them. By doing so, they quickly fade because the psyche is not static, it is like the wind, a breath in which everything moves constantly. An emotional state returns only if we are to make it come back. Obsessive thoughts become disabling because you do not want them. What’s the matter with the soul? That you perceive. If you do, whatever you “will” will arrive …


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